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Monday, May 16, 2011

Virtual Tours that Utilize QR Code Technology

This rapidly emerging QR Code technology is being found everywhere! Most Major Retailers are now using QR Codes – Below are a few great articles on the subject.

Major Retailers Using/Educating Consumers On the Use of QR Codes

Follow up on QR Codes - Home Depot

NYC Best Buy using QR Codes in Retail

New QR Codes Will Change How You Shop by
Tyler Kingkade,

What does it mean for the Real Estate Community?

When scanned with a smart-phone, QR codes cause the phone to load data. If the data is a URL, that web page opens on the phone. With 50% of web users accessing the internet by smart-phone within the next two years, this technology is considered to be a critical method for directing traffic on the internet.

Real estate signs on homes are a great place for QR codes to provide instant information for curious home shoppers. A rider on a sign can help a passer-by gain instant information about the property.
For example, a rider on the sign can point to a link that shows a gallery of inside photos or a virtual tour of a property (example at left points a smart-phone to a virtual tour of a home for sale in Tallahassee).

I think sign riders will be the top use of QR codes by real estate agents, but just showing the inside of homes is not the only way that they can be utilized. For example, they can also be used to help promote the property via social networks. The rider on the sign could just as easily allow a viewer to “share” the property via Facebook or Twitter, and all the viewer has to do is scan and submit.

So keep your eyes open for QR codes used in real estate marketing, they will be popping up everywhere. Is this just a passing trend, or will QR codes dominate the real estate landscape for many years to come? Don’t ask me, I’ll probably get it wrong (again).

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